Dr. Jeanette Barlean

My mother-in-law passed away July 04, 09 @ 12:59 p.m. Joel and I were at her side comforting her and holding her hand through her last breath. It was an unexplainable feelings and quite an experience. We were glad that we had the chance to spend time with her on her last few days. It is sad that she's gone but are glad that she's not in pain anymore. We know for sure though that she was happy and content when she left. We are not going to have a formal service for her because she didn't want us to and it was stated on her last will and testament.
I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support.
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  1. i'm so sorry about your mother-in-law. i'll be thinking and praying for your family during this difficult time.

  2. So sorry to hear about your loss...I know the God will be there to comfort you in this time.

  3. I am sorry to hear that Jeanette past on. It is already Feb 2010 and I just found out about this. I must say Jeanette was a remarkable woman and had a great influence on me as I was growing up. Never could a woman scowl so effectively and make me pause to question my opinion. And at the same time I was always appreciative of her strong will and sense of self-being. Like so many people, I will miss her.

    Martin Nichols

  4. Thank you and I'm sorry if you just find out about mother Jeanette. It was sudden but we are glad that we were there by her side when she left. Joel was wanting to contact you guys but he doesn't know how. Thank you for taking your time to let us know.


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