I'm Back

Glad to be back. Thank you all for your concerns and sympathy, gladly appreciated.. Joel and I came back here safe but with cough and sinus infections, we are taking some antibiotic right now and we should be good in a few days. Anyways, Where to begin? So much stuff to share, so much that had happened. I don't have time right now to upload some pictures and to share our journey to Philippines, but I just want to let everyone knows that we are back and safe.


  1. Glad to hear that you are back. I followed the news in the Philippines, it sounds like it has been a difficult time over there.

  2. As Dorothy said, "There's NO PLACE like home!" I know your bed felt great that first night back.

  3. Welcome back Lorena. Glad you and Joel have arrived safely, but I feel sad about you having sinus and cough.
    Thank you for your nice email. I would have loved to meet you during your stay but since we were affected by Ondoy, I got very busy bringing my life back to normal.
    I feel sad with the passing of your beloved father and I hope my simple words can somehow assuage the depth of loss you must be feeling right now.
    Take care always my friend.


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