Welcome To Alaska

February 14th 2010, my mother arrived in Anchorage Alaska for the first time. Joel drove 6 hours to Anchorage and I drove 5 hours back to Fairbanks. I just have to mentioned that..:) anyway, my mom's trip was good, she got here safe and sound. Even though the trip was long, she enjoyed it. Manila to Taipei was 2hrs something, Taipei to Anchorage was 9hrs straight flight and Anchorage to Fairbanks 5hrs drive. We got home and she still had the energy to entertained the family and friends who came to welcome her here in Fairbanks.. She's enjoying her stay so far but she's getting bored. I need to find her something to do to keep her busy. I'm excited for the Summer to come, I want to show her how to catch fish and how the gardening works up here.

On our way to Fairbanks

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