Creamers Field

Sunday afternoon after church, I wanted to go for a walk and so I called my cousin and friends if they want to join me, I was glad they did. It was hot but breezy and the trail that we took was pretty cool. We took the Boreal Forest trail and it was only 2 miles or so. I won't be in the picture because I'm the one behind the camera with my obnoxious dog Farcom.

My Company. From left to right: Janice, Marissa, Kathy, Jasmine, Wilma, Selena


  1. Beautiful photos Lorena...thank you for taking us along on the walk.

  2. That looks like such a great place. I love forests..any kind of forests.

  3. Are those Aspens? We actually hiked over similiar wetlands in the Cascades. Surprising in the middle of a mountain range. How hot is it?

  4. Thank you Lynette, Lynda, and Lora for comments. Yes those are aspen. The temp that day was right around 70F.

  5. Sorry I made a mistake..those are not aspen, they're Birch tree.


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