Bat Island in Hundred Islands

I was so lucky to get to visit this place even in my short visit in the Philippines. This island is one of the Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan, Philippines. It is amazing how these fruit bats gathered in this particular island.


  1. Beautiful photos !!!
    These eating fruit juices and pollen from flowers.
    It seems that there have found what they want...

  2. Bats are a little creepy to me--but I do see the beauty in your pictures.

  3. Wow...I missed that !
    It is a very beautiful place !

  4. Stunning sure are a world traveller;-D

  5. Stunning pictures! I hope you will find the way to visit my traveling blog one day!! Kind regards.

  6. Thank you all for leaving me comments, I really appreciate that.
    Lora, I agree with you, I found them creepy too.
    Magda, I was wondering about what they've found in that particular island. There is no fruit trees in there.


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