Leaving Abby

I wish I have $3K laying around so I can take my Abby with me to Philippines. She has all the vaccines, certificates, and import permit that are needed but the problem is the airlines has weight limit policy of 70lbs or less  with the kennel. Unfortunately, Abby is 79lbs without the kennel and to have her fly with the pet transport services it will cost from $3K- $5K and that's only from Seattle. To fly her from Alaska to Seattle, it will cost us another $600+ I don't wish to be rich, but right now, I wish I am.
Abby is 11 years old. We have her since she was one year old. We found her from the free add in the newspaper and fall in love with her since the first time we saw her. She's been with us since then and been all over Alaska, Washington State, Oregon, and Canada. She loves swimming and running but she's an indoor dog.
As for my other dog, Farcom, we had to change all our flights and paid the whopping few hundred dollars of fees just so we can take him with us (he's under the weight limit). Asiana airlines won't take pets from Korea to Philippines, but they will if we are coming from LA and not Seattle. It will cost more if we go to LA and it will add another day to our flights, therefore, we've change to Korean Air.
Leaving her is the most difficult decision to make. She has been a big part of my life. Joel and I are flying out on Sunday night, and we still haven't found a home for Abby yet. I guess I'm just not looking hard enough because I still can't accept the fact that we can't take her with us. I'm worried that she'll get abuse or abandon if they won't like her.
I'm still praying that God will make a way to whatever is best for Abby and for us.
Abby needs new home

At Bellingham Bay, Bellingham, Washington
British Columbia, Canada

Starting point of Yukon River, Yukon Territory
Grayland Beach, Washington
She loves swimming
Swimming with friend in Fairbanks
Cape Lookout Campground, Oregon
Sledding with Abby

She's so sweet
Ride to Eagle Summit for the midnight sun trip

Playing with Josh

Seat belt not required?

Dog's life

I need your love!

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