In July last year my husband and I took a short trip to Singapore. Since it was our first time there, we really had a difficult time trying to figure out how to get tickets for train/bus and how to use it. So in order to get to our hotel we had to ride a train then a bus. We figured out about the train and rode on it but when we got to the bus stops we got confused. There were so many buses, so many people, and we don't know which bus to take. We asked around but people seems to not know what bus we should take in order to get to our hotel. After several minutes of confusion, we decided to just take a taxi. Taxi fare wasn't that bad at all.  But once we figured out how to use the tickets and what buses to take, it was great! Riding trains and buses was the cheapest way to get around Singapore.
When we are checking in in our hotel, we couldn't find my husband's passport. oh boy! we lost his passport. So the next day we went looking for Police Station to report his lost passport. But we spent almost all the day trying to locate  the police department, we asked so many people even taxi drivers couldn't direct us to any. I guess police aren't that popular there. It was Friday and we need to find his passport because we are flying out Monday morning. Anyway after so many hours of looking, we finally found one. However they couldn't help us unless we know what my husband's passport number and fortunately we didn't know the number. We finally went to the US Embassy in hoping to get a temporary passport but it was a blessing, someone found the passport and called in. We are so glad we didn't know the passport number because once they run a report of that lost passport, he couldn't use his passport anymore and it would be more trouble. We got his passport back from the person who found it. Bless him for doing the right thing and for simply caring. He said he found the passport on the ground at the bus stops.
We love Singapore and thought of going back there someday. Here are some of our photos from the trip.

 At Jurong Bird Park

 We went to Presbyterian Church that Sunday. That church was the oldest church in Singapore

Jewel Box at Mount Faber

Cable car ride  from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island
Went to see the Underwater World at Sentosa Island

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