100k Baby

In February of last year, Joel and I decided to drop/cancel our medical insurance since we are living in Philippines and the medical cost there are reasonably cheap. We thought we wouldn't need it  since we haven't been using it for at least couple years and we've been paying $1000 dollars a month.

Sometime in March the cancellation of our medical insurance got finalized and in April 4th we found out that I'm already 12 weeks pregnant.What a shock! We were just going to stay in Philippines and give birth there but after talking to someone in the US embassy in Manila, Joel and I decided to come back here in US due to paper works and whatnot.

In August 6th, I'm already in my 28th weeks pregnancy when we arrived here in Fairbanks, Alaska. I was hoping and praying that I'll give birth naturally. However, things didn't go the way I hoped for and wanted to be. In September 12th, I gave birth to a beautiful son c-section due to he was breach and 6 weeks early.
I spent 4 days at the hospital recovering from cesarean section and the baby spent 17 days in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Nothing's wrong with the baby, he was just small because he came out early 4lbs 12oz. The doctors couldn't find any reason why he came out early. The baby is healthy but they kept the baby in the NICU anyway for 17 days.

With all that days spent in the hospital and without insurance, our medical bills came to almost $100k. We applied for Denali Kid Care but we didn't get approved due to our household income which is not that much. My hope is in the Lord though, I know he will never leave us nor forsake us. I trust him that he will get us through to this.

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