The Doctor Said, Eat Greek Yogurt!

I didn't understand at first why the doctor said it has to be a Greek Yogurt that my little boy needs to eat. My boy has an on and off cough and we've been to doctors many times but it seems to be that his cough wasn't going away. I'm glad that I took him to Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. It's been a week now and my boy is feeling a lot better. And since he started eating greek yogurt, he's not constipated anymore. He now have a regular bowel movement. If I only knew sooner that only a greek yogurt can help him, we would have not gone through all the troubles we did, and he would have not felt the pain just by going to the bathroom. I told the doctor that we ate regular Tillamook yogurt everyday, but he insisted that I'd get greek yogurt. I'm glad I listened to him. And of course, I still got him Tillamook brand because love the taste and trust their products to be the best.


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