O'Brien Creek Chitina/Copper River

Here's my recent trip to Chitina for fishing but ended up not fishing because the water was high and nobody was catching anything. Here are few pictures of famous O'Brien creek.
View from the other side of the creek. View of the parking lot.
Going down O'Brien Creek - one way road
View from the bottom - O'Brien creek road
Limited Parking to the right
Limited Parking and campground to the right. There's also Coffee shop and restrooms
O'Brien creek campground
O'Brien Creek Campground fee station information.  Recreational permit cost $25 for 24 hours and a maximum of 4 people per group.
Parking is free on the State land but to access the river and to the other side of the bridge, you have to pay $20 for access on Native Corporation land. However if you're camping there, access to native land is included in campground fees.
More information on O'Brien Creek and Chitina
Camping on the side of O'Brien Creek
O'Brien Creek looking towards Chitina/Copper River
People cleaning Salmon fish
Copper River highway
O'Brien Creek
Clear water from O'Brien creek merging to cloudy water of Chitina/Copper river.
Riding their bikes on O'Brien creek road to Haley creek. They said it's about 8 mile ride.
Launch your boat at your own risk and pay $30 for it. Alan had a great time.
The mighty river of Copper/Chitina - Salmon Runs through it
Danger - falling rocks