Friends Bonding and Snow Tubing at Fort Wainwright Birch Hill Ski Resort

Friends riding colorful snow tube down the hill
The 6 of us went snow tubing down the hill together

Saturday afternoon, the weather was great, sun was up,  and the temperature was around 16 degree Fahrenheit. It was a great day to play outside.  I invited my friends to go snow tubing and I'm glad they said, Yes!. 

We had a blast! It was a great day playing outdoors and bonding with friends and family.

How did we get in the military base?

Birch Hill Ski Resort is inside Fort Wainwright Military Base. Normally, we have to get a day pass (Civilian) to get in the military base. But since I worked inside the base, I have an ID to get in and so does one my friend, who have a military ID.  So, we didn't have to stop at the visitor center.

How much was the snow tubing cost?

The tubing hill is only open Saturday and Sunday and only offered two sessions for 3 hour each. 1st sessions starts at 11am - 2pm and 2nd at 2pm - 5pm. The ticket price for tubing for non DOD (non-military) adult was $16 and youth $10 for a session. It's priceless! Worth every penny.

The hill is 800 feet long, it's a good enough down hill ride. Riding our tube with the lift, made it easy for us to get back up hill. It does takes a while though to get back up there,  but the ride was enjoyable.

Beautiful day for snow tubing
Snow Tubing Hill and the beautiful mountain range in the distance

two kids riding snow tube down the hill
Alan and Frank was brave to sled down on their own together

Friends having a blast riding snow tube down the hill
My friends and I having a blast! So much fun riding our tube together.

Happy boy's face riding snow tube down the hill
Alan went snow tubing down the hill on his own. This was his first snow tubing ever.

pulling snow tube out of the track and  back to the lift
Pulling our snow tube away and back to the lift to ride back up

Frank pulling his snow tube
Frank pulling his tube

group of snow tubers at the end of the hill
At the end of the hill, we go up and hoping we don't flip on our way back down.

Friends on the top of snow tubing hill
My beautiful friends and I at the top of the snow tubing hill, getting ready to ride back down.

riding our tube while holding on a lift  to get back up
This is how we get back up the hill. We ride our tube while holding on to the lift. 

Live your best life!

Edited today 01/25/2023. Previously published on 2/25/2019

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