Exploring Cape Meares Lighthouse

Watch our little trip to Cape Meares Lighthouse. This is my second time visiting the area and this time I have my son Alan exploring with us, I loved it. Amazing views! 

A really good walked down to the lighthouse. The paved path, the trees, and the beautiful views of the pacific coast so amazing that made me so excited to walked down there. Although the lighthouse is closed for the season, I didn't mind that a bit. I was able to walk around the area without crowds, I love it. 
When I was done and it was time to head back up (using different path) Geez, that's when I realized it was a long way up. Good thing there are several seating with nice views. It was a good walked up. The trails to Octopus tree was also beautiful. Watch our video to see this beautiful place. A must see! 

Viewing Area
Nice viewing area overlooking the Arch Rocks. This is just a  few step from the parking lot.

Behind Alan is the lighthouse
Alan and the lighthouse. I love that Fresnel lens, so cool!

Paved Walk Path with the view of Arch Rocks
Paved walk path to the light house with the view of Arch Rocks

View of Arch Rocks from Cape Meares Lighthouse
The Arch Rocks

The path to the lighthouse
Awesome views of the Cape Meares Lighthouse

Cape Meares Lighthouse is the shortest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast a 38ft tall and has been inactive for years. 

Walk path
Nice path towards the lighthouse

Weird but nice looking trees
I called this five finger tree

Nice trail and trees towards the Octopus Tree

The octopus tree

Octopus Tree

"The forces that shaped this unique Sitka spruce (Picea Sitchensis) have been debated for many years. Whether natural events or possibly Native Americans were the cause remains a mystery.
The tee measures more than 46 feet in circumference and has no central trunk. Instead, limbs extend horizontally from the base as much as 16 feet before turning upward. It is 105 feet tall and is estimated to be 250 to 300 years old." 
This was from a sign in front of the Octopus tree. The sign was donated by The Friends of Cape Meares Lighthouse & Wildlife Refuge.  Watch our video and see Alan read this sign.

The octopus Tree

Alan and the Dog Sandy walking towards the lighthouse

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