Spectacular Dantes View

It was well worth a long drive (a lonely road) to Dantes View. This was our last stop on our first day of journey to Death Valley National Park California. It was already 3:30 pm when we left the main road and it took us about 20 minutes to get there. A 13 mile paved road but the last quarter mile is 15% grade. A steep climb up but so beautiful. Vehicles over 25ft or longer are prohibited on this road. Please watch our short video  Road to Dantes View  to see the road.  There were few cars when we arrived at The Dantes View but those people were out exploring around. It wasn't crowded at all in fact we were the only ones there enjoying the 360 degrees of breathtaking view of Death Valley from 5475 ft high above Sea Level.  We didn't stay long because it was windy and cold.  It would have been nice to explore the area but it was also getting late in a day. There was a Bee Hazard caution sign on the road but we didn't even get the change to see any. Maybe it's because we

The Natural Bridge of Death Valley National Park in California

Natural Bridge was our fourth stop on our journey to Death Valley National Park. Our timing to visit Natural bridge was just right. It was sunny but not hot, breezy but not cold. The trail up to the bridge was not crowded, in fact there were only a couple ahead of us and then we met a couple from Fairbanks Alaska on their way back to the parking lot, it was so cool meeting them. 

The hike to the bridge was great, a slight incline but on a wide gravel road. The walk to the Natural Bridge is only 0.3 of a mile (about a 10 minute walk) and just few more steps past the bridge is the Dry Waterfall.  My 8 year old son had a hard time getting to the dry waterfall but he made it. On our way back to the parking lot was an easy walk downhill and the views are beautiful looking over the valleys, the mountains, and the salt flats. 

Getting from Badwater Rd to the Natural Bridge is about 1.5 miles of gravel road. The parking lot is okay with restroom and information sign. Natural Bridge was our 4th stop on our journey to Death Valley National Park. A nice short stop, great spot to come see and it doesn't take a lot of time. Please watch our videos below...way way down below. Please also check the places we've explored in Death Valley National Park California. 5.Artist Drive and Artist's Palette 4. Natural Bridge 3. Badwater Basin/Salt Flat  2. Devils Golf Course 1. Zabriskie Point

Joel and Alan under the Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge in Death Valley National Park

The dirt road to Natural Bridge

Awesome views and formations -- seen on our way to Natural Bridge parking lot

Another great view toward the parking lot of Natural bridge

Amazing view of the valleys, mountains, salt flats, and the Natural Bridge parking area

Let's go hiking!

My 8 year old son heading to Natural Bridge Canyon

He was taking his sweet time

Joel and Alan hiking up towards bridge

view towards Dry Waterfall

Alan by the Dry Waterfall

Natural Bridge Canyon
"One-third of a mile from the parking area, an impressive natural bridge connects the walls of this canyon. The bridge is about 35 feet thick, and the same height above the canyon floor. While carving the canyon, the stream sought a course along the path of least resistance, and so formed a sharp bend that eventually eroded into a fin of rock. Pounding floods punched a hole through the fin, creating a shorter route down the slope. Subsequent deepening of the canyon left the old meander behind--the alcove on the north side-- and the bridge looming above the canyon floor. Along the trail are other interesting geologic features, such as dripping mud that looks like wax formations, hanging canyons, and dry waterfalls." National Park Service sign

Good information for hiking in the desert

In spite of Death Valley's arid climate, infrequent storms have produced erosive flash flooding. Ove the course of thousands of years, these floods have carved canyons and produced features such as Natural Bridge." National Park Service sign

A rock that looks like a scull

Alan and I on our way back to parking area

Watch our short video exploring the Natural Bridge in Death Valley National Park


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