Our Interesting Travel Journey during Covid-19 from Alaska through Canada

Please enjoy my photographs 

It has been a year since we started our life on the road. Our travel journey begun when we left our home in Fairbanks, Alaska and driving on Alaska (Alcan) Highway through Canada to Washington State.  

Our drive through Canada was indeed interesting and wonderful but crossing the border was difficult and the drive was very long. Total miles driven from Fairbanks, Alaska through Canada to Birch Bay Washington was 2150 miles. 

Contents below are:

Wildflowers Alaska Highway

Getting ready to leave Fairbanks, Alaska

hooking up our truck to be towed
Our Motorhome parked on our neighbor's yard. Here we were getting ready to move and start our travel journey.

Our 1st Day Travel Journey

Getting the Avalanche hook up to be flat towed
Hooking up our truck for the first time to be flat towed. 

We had a hard time figuring out how to switch our truck from 4wd to Neutral. At first we thought we may not be able to leave that day. If we can't switch to Neutral then we may have to figure something out because we can't flat towed this truck. But after several minutes of trying, Joel finally figured it out and got it to switch to Neutral. Thanks to YouTube!

We left Fairbanks 2pm August 1st, 2020. 

Passing town of North Pole Alaska
Passing the town of North Pole, Alaska

Passing Santa Clause house in North Pole
Goodbye Santa Clause House

On our way to Delta
Richardson Hwy going to Delta Alaska

traveling on Rainy afternoon
It was raining when we passed Delta

Coming in to town of Tok Alaska
Welcome to Tok Alaska

Stop at Shell Gas Station and Three Bears outpost in Tok Alaska
Stopped for a short break in Tok at Three Bears Outpost and Shell gas station to fuel up.

Alaska Highway Mileage post
Alaska Highway mileage post

Beautiful Scenery from Alaska Highway
Beautiful Scenery from Alaska Highway in Alaska

Border City Lodge
Passing Border City Lodge few miles from the US Border

Rest Stop Area Beautiful evening and pretty lake
Beautiful Lake just before the Alcan border

Our First Night Rest Stop

Around 8 pm the sun was shining, we decided to stop here and rest for the night. We drove about 288 miles to here from Fairbanks and that's our first day of driving. 
This is a pretty stop just passed the Border City Lodge, on the side of the road of the Alaska Highway about 2.5 miles to US Custom Border and 20.8 miles to Canada Border Services Agency. The road was busy and noisy but we still got a good night rest.

Why did we stopped here for our first night?
We planned on stopping and resting before continuing to enter the Canada Border because we were worried that they may only give us 24 hours to get through the Yukon Territory. 

To get out of Yukon Territory it's about 897 kilometers (557miles) drive from Canada Border in Beaver Creek to British Columbia. It would have been a long and rush day drive.

Alan and the dog at Rest stop beautiful evening by the lake in Alaska
The sun was shining at 8pm - our first night rest stop

Our 2nd Day Travel Journey

Our second day travel journey driving through Canada, we drove 409 miles to Teslin Yukon Territory.

Alaska Yukon International Boundary
Alaska Yukon International Boundary

Canada Border
Approaching Canada Border

Entering Canada Border

We arrived at the Canada Border around 8:00am. It was busy, we waited there for few minutes before it was our turn and that's when it got interesting. In June, we drove up from Washington to return home to Alaska after we came back from our trip overseas. And now only August and we are traveling again through Canada back to Washington State. It was a big question. Why why why? 

We told them the reason why and that we are going to RV fulltime and that we leased our house for a year. They want to see the lease agreement but we couldn't find it anywhere.  We called our tenants but they were not answering their phones. We were hoping that they could snap a photo of the lease agreement and send it to us.

A guard said if we could not show them a proof that we rented our house, they would not let us go through. He even went inside our motorhome and look around and said we don't have enough stuff, it doesn't look like we are going to travel for a long time. He asked where are all your stuff? This guard seemed off edge. We gave them all the documentations we have and all the info.

After he left, Joel check one more place where he could have put the lease agreement. Alas he found it.
Another guard came, more pleasant one, and took the lease agreement. Then  when he came back he gave us out documentations back as well as a tag to be placed in our dashboard and a piece of paper to turn in to the other side of the border. We need to turn in this paper on or before the date given otherwise we become fugitive. Anyway, After 3 hours of waiting, we were granted a pass through Canada and on the road again.


Inside Canada Border gate waiting to get approval
At Canada Border Beaver Creek Yukon Territory.
Long line waiting to get approval to drive through Canada. Essential travelers only during Covid-19 pandemic.

Travel Documentation to drive through Canada
Visitor Record
Issued on August 2nd and expired August 09

We were glad that we didn't have to rush through Yukon Territory and for giving us 7 days to drive through Canada that was plenty of time. We just had to turn this piece of paper to the other side of the border with is in Abbotsford British Columbia on or before August 09

Below is what the visitor record says for Conditions and remarks:

  2. MUST LEAVE CANADA BY 2020/08/09

Tag for in transit through Canada

Alaska Highway YT Beaver Creek
Beaver Creek is the first town after we enter Yukon Territory. The town is about 6 miles form Canada border.

Paved but rough road
The roads in Yukon Territory Canada

The Roads

The roads through Canada are good except for this one. About one hundred miles from the US/Canada Border in Yukon Territory the roads are paved but rough. It has been the worst road on this trip. There are plenty of cones and flags on the side of the road for warning, but some rough spots doesn't have any. Had to drive slow. So be careful when you plan on driving on this road. 

Also, several miles from the border to Alaska, the roads are pretty much the same. We take our time driving on these roads as well.

Traveling on paved but rough road in Yukon Territory
Scenic view but don't forget to be careful where those flags are.

Beautiful Rest Area in Kluane Lake

Kluane Lake rest area is about 131 miles from the Canada Border in YT. We had to stop here after driving on that rough road. Pretty area to stop and rest for a little bit.

Rest area in Kluane Lake Alaska Highway Yukon Territory Canada
Kluane Lake
Beautiful Lake, Mountains, and wildflowers

Rest Area in Kluane Lake
Beautiful Mountain Range

Boy running back from the lake
Alan was running back to the RV from exploring the area in Kluane Lake 

Passing Whitehorse Yukon Territory
We stopped in Whitehorse YT only to fuel up then on the road again

Alcan Highway
Approaching Johnson Crossing

Our 2nd night rest stop

We arrived in Teslin YT around 8:03 pm and decided to stay in an RV park and rest for the night. Yukon Motel and Restaurant and RV park. Their location is so conveniently located just right off the highway before the Teslin bridge. I don't remember how much we paid for the night stay but we had to pitch water from the restroom area. It was alright though, we've managed.

Yukon Motel and RV Park in Teslin YT

Our dinner for second night traveling through Canada. Beef with asparagus and rice
Our second night dinner traveling through Canada, I made
Beef with Asparagus and rice with spicy red chili

Our 3rd Day Travel Journey

We left the Yukon RV park and fuel up and around 8:03 am we are on the road again. We drove 363 miles today up to Toad River lodge and RV park.

Fueling up at Yukon Motel and Restaurant in Teslin YT
Fuel up in Yukon Motel and Restaurant in Teslin YT

Teslin YT moose and Cariboo by the bridge
Pretty Cool Moose and Cariboo sculptures 
 I snapped this photo while waiting for Joel to get done fueling up the Motorhome. 

Passing through Teslin Bridge Yukon Territory
Passing through Teslin Bridge Yukon Territory

Joel reading information about continental divide while stopping to stretch and rest
Rest Stop at Continental Divide
Drove about 75.5 miles from Teslin to here and it was10:33 am. 

information on Continental Divide
This is what's written on this plaque 

Continental Divide

You are standing on the continental divide - the ridge line that separates two of the largest river drainages in North America. The Alaska Highway crosses the divide at one of the lowest points. Only humps of sand and gravel separate the west-flowing Swift River from the east-flowing Rancheria River.

Drop a leaf into the Rancheria River to the east and it would float to the Liard River near Watson Lake, continue to the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories and eventually  reach the Beaufort Sea (Arctic Ocean); a long journey of 4,200 kilometres (2,650 miles) for our waterlogged leaf.

Drop a leaf into the Swift River to the west and the current would take it to Teslin Lake and the Teslin River. The Teslin flows northwest to the Yukon River which cuts across northern Alaska enroute to the Bering Sea (Pacific Ocean); a journey of 3,680 kilometres (2,300 miles).

rest stop at continental divide
Gravel rest stop at Continental Divide. Big area with rest rooms.
locate on the map: 60°04'24.1"N 130°56'31.7"W

passing Watson Lake Yukon Territory on rainy day
Passing the Sign Post Forest at Watson Lake on a rainy day

Passing the Covid-19 checkpoint at Watson Lake Yukon Territory
To the left of this photo is where the Covid-19 checkpoint for Yukon Territory. Anyone coming here must stop here.

Welcome to British Columbia Canada
Welcome to British Columbia Canada
The best place on earth

Warning sign on Alaska highway in British Columbia
Warning sign on the side of the road says;

Bison on Alaska Highway in British Columbia Canada
Several bison on the road

Bison on the Alaska Highway British Columbia Canada

Beautiful Liard River
Beautiful Liard River near Fireside BC
Locate on the map: 59.68776, -127.18184

Muncho Lake BC
The beautiful Muncho Lake British Columbia Canada

motorhome on Muncho Lake British Columbia Canada
A quick stop to snapped a photo at Mucho Lake

Alaska Highway scenic view
Alaska Highway

Northern Rockies Lodge
We stopped at Northern Rockies Lodge to see if they have available spot for a night. Unfortunately they only have one site available and the location was not that great for us and on top of that the price per night is a little bit high so we continue driving. We knew that Toad River Lodge was only 37.5 miles from here.

driving the scenic Alaska Highway in British Columbia
Alaska Highway British Columbia 

Alaska Highway British Columbia
Beautiful Mountain and River.
Approaching Toad River Lodge

Our 3rd night rest stop

We decided to stay at Toad River Lodge since we've been here in our past travels and loved the place. See my other post about this place Toad River Lodge and RV Park. We got a full hookup for $42 a night. It was a good day drive 363 miles from Teslin to Toad River.

After we got done setting up, we decided to order a Bison burger from the Toad River Lodge restaurant. The burger wasn't all that great, something was off but we all eat it anyway. An hour after we ate our dinner, Joel started to feel hurt. His stomach was hurting so bad. He never had this kind of stomach pain before. He was in excruciating pain. Could it be food poisoning? 

We were worried the whole night. Also added to our worries was there is no clinic or hospital nearby. It was a restless night indeed. He took some medicine for the pain and drink lots of fluid. 

Toad River Lodge and RV park
Arrived at Toad River Lodge and RV Park at 4:21 pm 

RV park at Toad River Lodge Alaska Highway BC
This is where we park for tonight  and rest. Our 3rd day travel journey through Canada

Beautiful evening at Toad River Lodge
Enjoying the lake at Toad River Lodge.
Beautiful evening. The rain had stopped and the sun shines

Sandy the dog by the lake at Toad River Lodge
Sandy by the lake at Toad River Lodge and RV park

Our 4th Day Travel Journey

We left Toad River Lodge and RV park around 8:40 am. Joel still not feeling well from last night. He still was weak and still have an upset stomach. But he wants to move on and try to get to a nearest town just incase he needs to see a doctor.

Alaska Highway British Columbia Canada
Alaska Highway pass Toad River Lodge

Stop here for Joel to get a little better from stomach ache
Our first stop after we left the Toad River RV park 
KP 621

stop on the side of Alaska highway. Joel's taking his temperature he got tummy pain
Drove about 30 minutes and we had to stopped. Joel still need some rest. He was too weak and not feeling well. He also had a little fever.  We rested here for about an hour and half.

Alaska Highway British Columbia Canada
On the road again... the Alaska Highway BC Canada
I tried to drive this motorhome again (I tried it before) but the steering wheel is too sensitive for me. I drove for about 5 miles but driving it way too slow because I was not comfortable at all.

Summit Lake Alaska Highway British Columbia Canada
The Summit Lake 

Summit Lake Alaska Highway British Columbia
Passing the spectacular Summit Lake British Columbia Canada

Our 4th night rest stop

We only drove 116 miles today from Toad River Lodge to Triple G Hideaway RV park in Fort Nelson British Columbia, Canada. Joel was not feeling good  still and this place was a good spot for us to stop for the rest of the day. 
We got a really nice spot and paid $47.25 for one night stay. 

Triple G Hideaway RV Park
The park wasn't that full. I think it's because of Covid-19.

Triple G Hideaway RV Park
Saloon and Restaurant at Triple G Hideaway

Triple G Hideaway RV Park
Nice site. Pull through and full hook up for $47.25 per day

Our 5th Day Travel Journey

On the road again! Joel felt much better after yesterday's much rest at Fort Nelson. We left Triple G hideaway RV Park early around 7:40 am then we stopped at Petro-Canada for fuel before leaving Fort Nelson. Today we drove 325 miles to Chetwynd, BC Canada.

Beautiful view from Alaska Highway in British Columbia
Alaska Highway in British Columbia

Quick Rest stop off Alaska Highway
Stopped for short break and let the dog's out!
 Location:  57.05683, -122.54624

From Peace River BC Canada we decided to take highway 29. We've never been on this road before and sure glad we did. Driving less miles to Chetwynd and slower pace. Beautiful country! 
Log trucker ascending on highway 29
Log Trucker had a long way to ascend
Location: 56.28833, -121.22427

View of the valley below from highway 29
Beautiful view of the valley below

Beautiful sky, river, farms at Peace River BC
Peace River 

highway 29 Peace River BC
Scenic Highway 97 

Rolls of Hays
Hays at Hudson's Hope BC Canada

Passing town of Hudson's Hope on Highway 29
Passing through the town of Hudson's Hope

Hudson's Hope suspension Bridge
Hudson's Hope Suspension Bridge

View of a Dam from Hudson's Hope Bridge Peace River
Dam, Peace River, and little waterfall to the right. Beautiful view from the Hudson's Hope Suspension Bridge

The Junction
Junction -  turning right to Prince George

Passing the town of Chetwynd. Beautiful wood work all over town
Passing the town of Chetwynd BC Canada

Our 5th night rest stop

For our fifth night, we decided to stay at Caron Creek RV park about 15 miles pass the town of Chetwynd. We've been here before and this place is always almost full. It's a good park, easy to park the RV and the owner was really nice and friendly. We paid $31.50 for a night. The noise from highway and train didn't bother us at all. 
Rest stop at Caron Creek RV Park, Chetwynd BC Canada
Site #23 at Caron Creek RV Park

Food for the night, Lumpia
I made some Lumpia for our dinner

Our 6th Day Travel Journey

We got up early and on the road again by 7:29am. Joel was feeling much better. It was a nice morning, a little overcast. We arrived in Prince George around 11:01 and fuel up at Super Save Gas. It was raining when we passed Prince George. Today we drove 425 miles to Clinton, BC Canada

Prince George Welcome sign on Highway 97
Welcome To Prince George
BC's Northern Capital

Prince George on Rainy day
Prince George

Passing through Downtown Quesnel British Columbia
Quesnel Downtown

The world largest gold pan new location
Gold Pan City

Rest Area CC 142.7
Rest Stop

Highway 97 Williams Lake, B.C. Canada
Approaching William Lake

Big motorhome pulling a big trailer on highway 97
Big motorhome is pulling a big trailer - almost the same length

Beautiful view of a lake just pass Williams Lake
Cariboo Highway 

Beautiful view of a lake from Caribou Highway just passed Williams Lake

Lac La Hache - Nice home, pretty yard, green grass, and lake
Pretty nice home and yard over Lac La Hache

Giant Skis at South Cariboo 100 Mile House BC Canada
Passing South Cariboo 100 Mile House BC, Canada
Giant Skis

Our 6th night rest stop

We arrived at Clinton, British Columbia around 4:30 pm and decided to spend the night at Gold Trail RV Park. They are conveniently located right off the highway and we only paid $20 full hookup for the night. 

Clinton British Columbia Canada
Clinton, British Columbia, Canada

Clinton British Columbia Canada
View of town from RV Park

Gold Trail RV Park in Clinton BC Canada
Gold Trail RV Park
got full hookup for only $20 a night site#1

Alan's playing outside the RV in Gold Trail Park Clinton, BC Canada
Alan got a chance to play outdoor with his plushies 

Rainbow seen from inside RV in Clinton BC Canada
Rainbow over the dark clouds in Clinton, B.C. Canada

7th Day Travel Journey

Our 7th day driving  was our last day travel journey from Alaska through Canada to Washington State. I love the Trans-Canada Highway. Beautiful drive and scenic highway. 

We left Clinton before 8:30 am and arrived in Abbottsford Canada Border around 12:30pm.

Joel turned in the Visitor Record to the border security. This was very important because not turning this in will make us fugitive and we cannot enter Canada again.

We drove about 361 miles today from Clinton BC Canada to Birch Bay Washington. 
Our Travel Journey from Alaska through Canada ended in Birch Bay Washington. However, another travel journey started from Birch Bay. Stay tuned and come follow us on our journey. 

Cariboo highway going to Cache Creek
On the road again 

Cache Creek Welcome sign
Cache Creek, British Columbia, Canada

Farm land Cariboo Highway
Shades of green

Cariboo Highway
Scenic highway and farm country

beautiful and colorful mountain side at Blue Sky Country
Colorful hillside

Trans Canada Highway
Blue skies, scenic highway, pretty river and nice little island

Blue Box or porta-potty on the side of the highway

Trans Canada Highway and beautiful view of Thompson River
Scenic Trans Canada Highway and the beautiful Thompson River

Trans Canada Highway The road cut through the rock
Cut through rocks
Scenic Trans Canada Highway

Beautiful Trans Canada highway. Pretty river and blue sky
More of Thompson River
The scenic Trans Canada Highway

Trans Canada Highway Spences Bridge BC
Approaching Spences Bridge

Scenic Trans Canada Highway
Just passed Spences Bridge - driving on the other side of the river now

River and Train tunnel over Fraser River
Train Tunnel

Hell's Gate
Hell's Gate was closed due to Covid-19

The mighty Fraser River
The mighty Fraser River

Trans-Canada Highway tunnels Fraser Canyon
We passed through  7 tunnels on Fraser Canyon 

Crossing Fraser River on Hope BC Canada
Crossing the Fraser River at Hope British Columbia Canada

Joel turning in Visitor Record to Canada Border Security
Joel's walking towards the Canada Border to turn in the Visitor Record to make sure we won't become fugitive of Canada!

Welcome to USA

Welcome Back to US soil US Border in Sumas Washington
US Border in Sumas, Washington State

US Border Security Guard cleared a path for us
The US Border Guard moved the barriers for us to drive through

Welcome to USA Sumas Washington
Welcome back to USA

It was a long trip but really grateful we've arrived in Washington State safe and alive! We made some great memories that we'll forever be grateful. Despite of Covid-19, our travel journey through Canada was wonderful. 

The passengers in our motorhome driving through Canada
The Passengers - Alan and I

The RV driver, the dog, and me
The Driver  (Joel) and back seat passenger (Sandy the dog) and me

Thank you!
I hope you enjoyed my photographs


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