Traveling in Motorhome With Snow on the Ground

sunny, pretty day, with lots of snow. Snow on posts

It was a sunny day, a nice day to go traveling. The only thing is, there was a lot of snow on the ground. There were several inches of snow accumulated overnight. Oh My!

Motorhome, red truck, pretty snow

But since we have to travel that day, we do what we have to do. 

taking snow off the awning using ladder
Joel's clearing the snow off the slides awning using his ladder.

After he got the motorhome move from our spot, he stopped and get our red truck ready. However, when we are ready to keep moving our motorhome can't go forward. Stuck in the snow! Yes, we were.
Watch our travel video here

Our Motorhome is not 4 wheel drive, so it doesn't have that force or traction to easily get out on this kind of a situation. 

shoveling snow under the tires
Clearing the path of the tires by shoveling the snow off away from it. 

Luckily, after several minutes and with the help of our friend, we managed and were able to get out of being stuck. Good thing it didn't take all day

Motorhome in the driveway with lots of snow on the ground
Here's our motorhome getting ready to leave finally out of the stuck in snow

majestic view of tree with snow and sun shining
Snow makes everything looks so majestic 

Snow, Sleek, slushy road
The roads were sleek and slushy but we managed to drive through it

Tall buildings in Seattle with lots of cars on the road
Driving through Seattle. Good thing there were no snow on the ground. 

Arrived in Birch Bay RV Campground, our destination for 3 weeks, with pretty much no snow on the ground.

RV campground
Entering the RV Campground

Our timeline for the day!
From Port Orchard Washington to Birch Bay Blaine, Washington

There's no snow up North!

Happy Traveling!

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