What I do

Every other Wednesday, this is what I do at work, I sort the paychecks by schools. Ok. I was laughing so hard in here because I wish I was the one who was taking picture of my dear friend Brenda while she takes the picture of me...It still makes me smile when I think about it. She captured a good picture of me though. Thank you Brenda

Thai Hot Tea

This is the main reason why I love going to Siam Dishes... It's the Thai hot tea with the tea pot.

De-shelling rice

I was at the clinic today (doctor say's I'll survive, if not, well, life is really too short then) anyways, they have this print on the wall, it really reminds me of my hometown. I remember my father used to grained rice like this when I was growing up. I like it when it's done this way because of the rice aroma. However, it is a lot of work and it takes a lot of time. The picture below was captured through my tv screen. The video was taken last July 2007 when Joel and I went there for a short vacation. Those two are our friends and the rice they're making was for our dinner. 10/14/08

8th year

Year 2000, October, Friday the 13th, it was full moon, at 10:30 a.m, I first arrived here in Alaska. I was amazed when I saw and touched the snow for the first time ever.. I just can't believe it! I was so tired from a long trip that as soon as I walked in the house, I went looking for bed.. When I woke up, Joel took me to restaurant for dinner then we went to Fred Meyer. Joel had a good story about this but I won't tell..anyways, I was kind of shocked when I saw the store, I was thinking this is not a store, this is a warehouse. . One thing I admit though, even being far away from my family and friends, I didn't get home sick.. well, now and then I do but Joel really take good care of me. I capture this photo from my T.V screen, it was from my wedding VHS tape 12/12/98. 

Fire Alarm

Early today about 9 something,  someone toast a bread and manage to set the fire alarm on. We were outside for at least 20 minutes or so.  It was kind of nice though having a break from work. The first picture was the 3rd floor employees, and the second photo was the 2nd floor. I didn't get a picture of 1st and 4th floor employees because I was cold and didn't want to walk to their area. 


This picture was taken yesterday. That's my 2 cars covered with few inches of snow.

Jerome's Birthday

Early this morning I got a call from my friend Jean. She asked me to come over for her son's birthday party, but I told her I can't promise to come because I wasn't feeling well, actually I was in bed until 2 pm. I didn't feel like getting up but I had to go to the store, to do grocery shopping. I hate it when Joel is not home, because I had to do it. When I got to the store, my friend Marissa just clock out and getting ready to go home. She helped me shop and we decided to go to the party. I was kind of scared driving to Badger road, it was slick, it snowed all day, but I did fine. It was a good party, I've seen some people I haven't seen for a long time. There are so many people in there, in fact their house is full. I remember when I first saw Jerome, he was just a kid, so little, now his bigger and taller t han I am.. His a good kid. 10/12/08


I took this picture with my iphone. That's Joel and I eating cake at the church. We were sitting there by the window and our shadow catches my eyes, I think it's cool. It was a sunny Sunday but a bit cold. It was the first day of snow 9/28/08.



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