Fairbanks power outages due to heavy snowfall

I braved it today, I drove myself to work and came back home safe. Proud and grateful. Only few people showed up to work due to winter storm weather and bad road conditions. Heavy snowfall created power outages.  There were over 20 thousand people lost power overnight here in Fairbanks North Star Borough. Our power went off for few hours last night or early this morning but it came back just in time for me to get ready for work. I'm so grateful that we have our power back because there are still thousands of people that are without power and most of them probably won't have it back for few days. Yikes, I hope the temperature won't get to below zero. Schools were closed today and probably tomorrow too.  Parking lot were pretty much empty when I got there

My Boy Loves playing in the snow

 Fairbanks is having a winter storm again and my boy is loving it. He had a good time playing in the snow. He spent quite sometime outside just running around and rolling in the snow. He loves it!

First day of Snowfall in Fairbanks, Alaska at least 5 inches

Okay, so this picture was taken yesterday up at the University. I thought I post it first before the snow pictures. Anyway, it was a gorgeous day. The Alaska range was so pretty I wish I could capture it the way I see it. First day of snowfall here in Fairbanks today and it was a winter wonderland, so beautiful! Every time I got up from my desk at work, I looked outside the window and kept saying it's so pretty. Snow was falling covering everything, so cool! however, for some people today was not a good day. Some got in an accident or drove off the road because the road was nasty. It got better when I drove home, most of the snow that was on the main road had turned to water and for some part, it was just slushy. I sure don't want to be out driving tonight though, especially when it freezes, icy roads happens. This was taken at work during my lunch time today. Just love the trees with no leaves but snow on it. The snow was at least 5 inches and the weather man says it&

Fiery Bush at Alaska Fire Service

 I love these fiery bushes at Alaska Fire Service Admin Office. Very color Fall.

Love Lies Bleeding

Unique and cool looking plant. I brought this to work today and it was admired by few people. I cut it out today because the temperature is getting colder and the weather forecast shows it'll snow this weekend. It actually snowed today for couple minutes but the snow quickly disappeared. Anyway, I grew up seeing this kind of plant in my parents front yard.  The flowers (whatever you call that) can grow up to a foot long or more, it also comes with different shades of red. My mom picked this plant at the store early this summer and she asked me if we should bring the planters inside the house today but I said no, it's kinda too big to bring it in. I guess it will just have to die for the winter. The leaves are edible, so we might have them tomorrow for dinner :-) Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth

My little Vampire

I just love Google photos. This picture was buried under hundreds of photo collections and Google brought it up reminding me this was taken 2 years ago. So cute. I love my little vampire.

Got sick on the deadline at work

I haven't had any sick days in 4 months. I haven't missed work until today, the day that I have a deadline to meet. It started with sneezing, nose running,  voice started to changed and so I had to go home. I was like why?! Why now?! I have been working long hours every day and have been getting about 2 days off a month, and I've never got sick until today, the last day to do something important at work. I guess I have no choice but to deal with it.

Alan's 3rd Birthday

Alan's 3rd birthday party, we are so blessed! I had to go to work today, so my family and friends made plan yesterday to put the party together today for Alan and it was awesome! They did everything, when I got home from work, all I had to do is eat. I'm so grateful!  I'm also happy that my husband is now back home with us. He had been away from us for about 4 months. He got home 2 days ago and he was busy running around doing the shopping, ordering cake, and helping put the party together. We had a full house today, good food, great company and Alan had a really good time.



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