First day of Snowfall in Fairbanks, Alaska at least 5 inches

Okay, so this picture was taken yesterday up at the University. I thought I post it first before the snow pictures. Anyway, it was a gorgeous day. The Alaska range was so pretty I wish I could capture it the way I see it.
First day of snowfall here in Fairbanks today and it was a winter wonderland, so beautiful! Every time I got up from my desk at work, I looked outside the window and kept saying it's so pretty. Snow was falling covering everything, so cool! however, for some people today was not a good day. Some got in an accident or drove off the road because the road was nasty. It got better when I drove home, most of the snow that was on the main road had turned to water and for some part, it was just slushy. I sure don't want to be out driving tonight though, especially when it freezes, icy roads happens.

This was taken at work during my lunch time today. Just love the trees with no leaves but snow on it.
The snow was at least 5 inches and the weather man says it's here to stay.
On my way home just outside Fort Wainwright main gate. Steese Hwy and Airport Rd.