Office plant

My office plant just keep growing and flowering. I don't know the name of the plant though.

Colored rocks

Alan loves these colored rocks that we bought from the store.

Not getting a goodnight sleep

I don't know why I haven't been getting enough goodnight sleep. I tried to be in bed early but I just end tossing and turning and I kept waking up. I also took some melatonin last night but that didn't help either. Hopefully tonight, I'll get a goodnight sleep.

May 1st brought in fresh snow to Fairbanks Alaska

Winter seems to not getting over. It's  May 1st already, why did it brought in fresh snow? We still have files of ice/snow all over town. It's winter wonderland again in Fairbanks Alaska in May!

Retirement Cake

We had so many folks retired last year and this year. So far this is the best cake I've seen for a retirement cake.

Zombies new show on Disney Channel

My five year old son loves watching this new musical show Zombies on Disney channel that started in March 2018. Someday is his favorite song in that show he said.

My son in the sun with warm blanket

It was a nice sunny day but a bit cold. My son wants to play outside but didn't want to wear his coat. So, he used his warm blanket instead just to be in the sun.



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