Sep 7, 2009

Arctic Circle

YES! I finally crossed the Arctic Circle. It was a good trip up there especially I didn't have to drive. Joel drove all the way and back. Arctic Circle is about 196 miles (315 km) from Fairbanks and most of it is rough road.. Joel had driven the Dalton Highway to the North Slope (Prudhoe Bay) and he had crossed the arctic circle few times. He knew that there's not much out there to see but vast wilderness, he took me there anyways without any hesitations. Cost to get there $78 for gas, $15 for snacks and coffee and priceless for having Joel in my journey. On our way out there, we saw a lot of hunter's trucks and trailers by the road. It's hunting season here in Alaska. We also passed several truckers. If any of you have seen an ice road truckers TV shows, boy! those guys have guts.. My hands and feet were sweating from being nervous on those roads and the road doesn't even have snow in it yet. I can't imagine being in that road in the winter.