Finger Mountain

This is what it says here: Finger Rock - A Landmark Through Time Hunters knew of the rock, when shaggy mammoths and bison roamed the surrounding hills. The rock marked a premier location to watch for game. Hunting continued through countless generations. Later, peering down from wind wracked cockpits, early bush pilots used the rock to guide their way home, since the granite 'finger' points directly to Fairbanks. Today, Finger Rock marks a unique habitat, scenic vista and wildlife viewing site for people traveling the Dalton Highway. People and The Land Athapaskan Indians and their ancestors hunted wildlife in this area to supply their everyday needs: hides for clothes and shelter; bone for tools; horns and antlers for adornment; meat fat and marrow for food and fuel. What an awesome place. Finger Mountain is located on 96 milepost Dalton Hwy or about 175 miles from Fairbanks.

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