Labor Day 2009

Our Labor Day started with just going out shooting in Stile Creek, about 46 miles from our house. I didn't do well, I need more practice shooting, well, it has been few years since the last time I've use the gun. After I've used all the bullet we had, we took the dogs to the river. That's Joel putting up the targets On our drive back to town, we past the Donnellan's on the side of the road. We turned around and found out that they were heading up to hike the Angel Rocks trail. Joel and I ended up going hiking with them. We had fun, the children were great and fun to be with. Mr & Mrs Donnellan with Frank, my cute godson. I have learned something from this hiked. Atty. Barry asked how many kinds of rocks are on the earth...Oh my oh my, my head hurts thinking and trying to find out, but I knew I don't know. Anyways, he said that there's only 3 kinds of rocks, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Igneous - pumice, Metamorphic - marble, Sedimentary - limestone. Now, I'm passing along what I've learned. :-) Gorgeous friends.

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