I'm in Pain

I have been seeing chiropractor, doctors, and getting massages for sometimes now because of my body pain but nothing seems to make it feel better. I've been getting this pain on the left side of my body for few months now. From my neck or sometimes half of my head all the way down to my left foot, it felt like my body is numbing.  Well, the pain has been on and off for few months but for more than a month now, it doesn't go away, it just stays on all the time. 
Today, I'm in so much pain. I called to see a doctor but they couldn't see me until next month so I decided to just walk in the clinic. When I was asked what's going on and as soon as I said that my left side of my body is in pain, they attended to me immediately. I didn't even have to wait in the lobby for hours, it's kind of nice to get their attention right away. I think they thought that I'm having a stroke or something bit thank God its not was it was.
Anyway, I start my physical therapy tomorrow, and I have to see the therapist twice a week for a month. I also need to get therapeutic massage but I don't know if I can afford to pay for it from my own pocket because our medical insurance doesn't pay for it even if it's doctors referrals. I guess our insurance will pay if the massage therapist is someone who is registered practitioner or health care provider. Therefore, I called around, the clinic, the hospital but there's no one.  So I guess if I want to do the therapeutic massage (doctor's prescribe) I will just have to pay $200 a week for a month. I don't know though, I will have to think about it. 
Sorry my blog friends, I don't have the time right now to read yours. The pain medicine that took is working right now and I kind of feeling like floating. I should go to bed now, thanks for reading...later :)
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  1. You might try a Maximized Living Center. I was having similar problems along with loss of motor control, intense pain, and random blindness.

    Now, I feel much better, like I did 8 years ago. I no longer have blindness, nor am I getting sick at every meal. I take zero pain killers now and I not have enough energy to hold down a job.

  2. Do they know what is the cause of the pain...should you not go for a MRI scan to make sure there is not a problem with you spine. I had severe pain in my buttocks and legs and had to have an operation as one of the discs in my back collapsed. They could only pick it up with a MRI scan.

    I feel so sorry for you...get well soon.

  3. It was a problem with my spine. My spine was twisted around sideways.

    I say was because after A year of their program which includes exercise programs, adjustments 2 to 4 times per week, among other treatments, My spine is almost back to normal.

    when comparing them to traditional chiro treatments, they cost far less. And I dont see any medical doctors at all. I cannot afford insurance as I am self employed.


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