My First Day Alone

For over 2 months, I haven't drove for a single day. My husband did all the driving, the cooking and more. I took him to the airport this morning before I went to work and today was a very bad day for driving. There were few inches of snow on the ground and it's kind of slushy and it didn't stop snowing the whole day and I believe it still snowing outside. I was so scared driving but I had no choice. 
oh! I miss my husband. I miss him not because he does things for me but because I love him. We always have a good time together. He can make me laugh until I cry. He is just a wonderful person.
I have been spoiled terribly that I felt like one of my legs were being cut-off. He does things for me even if I don't ask him to. This are example of the things he does that I don't asked him to do. When he comes to pick me up at work, he always brought me a chai tea latte (my substitute for coffee in the evening). Most of the time when we got home, he already made our dinner started or even ready and in the mornings, he always brought me coffee in bed. And while I'm getting ready for work, he makes my breakfast and lunch and gather all my stuff ready (cellphone, eyeglasses etc.) I had been spoiled rotten and now it's hard to be independent again and alone. Nothing's new anyway, it always happen when he comes home and when he goes back to work.  
Posted by Picasa3/5/9

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