Anchorage Trip

My trip to Anchorage with my Aunt Ruffa was pretty good, even though I wasn't feeling well I enjoy the trip. We checked in at Holiday Inn Express. The hotel was alright but a little noisy.
A poll and a hot tub was nice after the a long day on our feet, shopping.
Miss Rose came and joined us on our trip back to Fairbanks.
Me, Mama Lou, Miss Ruffa and Miss Grace. Mama Lou and Miss Grace are my relatives who lives in Anchorage but this was the first time I met them.
On our way back to Fairbanks we saw few caribou on the road.
This was the reason why I made a trip to Anchorage. My Husband got me a new baby, Chevy Avalanche 2500. I love it! It was a smooth 6 hrs ride to Fairbanks. 

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