My Memorial Day Weekend

I had a good weekend.. I did my garden and cleaned the yard.
My friends and I went to The Knotty Shop and had an ice cream. I had a scoop of cherry vanilla and a scoop of butter pecan.
We also went to Chena Lake. I drove them there since they never been there. There was a lot of people swimming and enjoying the nice weather.
This was in front of Santa Clause House in North Pole
Reindeer inside the fence
Picture with Santa
My friends and I
wired...not sure why it's like this
celebrating the Memorial Weekend
Abby and Farcom were having fun
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  1. Wow...these are the first pics I see where there is no ice and snow. It is beautiful! Having Santa close by is an added bonus I am sure!

  2. yes it is beautiful here during summer. I think we have at least 21 hours of daylight right now.


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