Surallah Alliance Church

My family in Surallah, this picture was taken outside the church. Rev. Elroy Sidon is the head pastor in that church and he's been working there for like 15 years or so. Rev. Elroy is married to my Aunt Welisa (my mother sister). In this picture the first 3 kids on the left are their kids, sorry, I don't remember their names. The adults from left are Rev. Elroy, Aunt Welisa, My Grandmother, Aunt Warlyn, Aunt Wellieta, my sister Marites, Aunt Welbeth, and Uncle Warlito. The other boy is my cousin from Aunt Welaila (shes not in this picture). Anyways, they are my family in my mother side. There are more but they're not in this picture, maybe they didn't go to church.. See, that's what you get when you don't go to church, you don't get to be in the pictures.

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