Happy Fathers Day!

I'm so proud of you Father
for you have a heart like no other
always gave a lending hand
even for the people who did you harm
You were so loving and forgiving
so quite and didn't say a thing
but you were counting my wrong doing
one two three if I keep making them I get the whipping

I tried to get my way 
for I know you love me and I'm the youngest baby
but you were tough on me
for you only wanted me to better someday

You were a preacher, adviser, singer, and a cook
I may not have inherit any of those
but I'm glad you were an adventurer
for you have open my eyes and not afraid to explore what's out there

You were a father not only for your children
but for every one who needs a home and a loving care
for I have remember
even an older had respected you like their own father

 I am sad for I won't see you any longer
but I know you are with God the Father
"Well done my son, job well done"
 for I'm sure that's what he greeted you when you arrived there
I admire your love and passion for Christ
for so many lives you've care and touched
Your legacy will live on forever
I'm so proud for you are my Father


  1. You are lucky and your father is lucky! What you wrote was beautiful!

  2. Thank you Steve, I appreciate that.

  3. Bel hommage !
    Nice words,
    I hope all is well with you in this special day...
    Regards from France,


  4. Wonderful tribute to your father, the pictures were excellent.

    Have a peaceful Sunday

  5. Very touching words!
    Happy Day to all the fathers!
    a hug


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