Picking Alaska Wild Blueberries

It's that time of the year where blueberries are ripening and ready to be picked. Alaskan wild blueberries are really good it has 76 antioxidant level. Wild blueberries in lower 48 has 61 and the cultivated blueberry has 24.. Picking blueberries here is a lot of fun, going from one bush to another and hunting and picking the big ripe ones. The only thing is after a while of squatting or bending down, it can hurt your back. Not only blueberries are ripe but also wild raspberries.

Yesterday, I  went out with family and friends. I only got about a gallon of blueberries because I spent more time bonding with them and playing with my boy than picking blueberries. I had a very good time and my toddler was very happy.

Here is a short video of my toddler eating what he picked


  1. Oh my, your little man is growing up way to fast. It was a wonderful surprise to see a comment on my blog from you today. Thank you so much for your visit xx


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