Road to Sagada Mountain Province, Philippines

First thought came to mind just a little after we start climbing up towards Sagada was "where was the cave be?" I was really curios as to where the cave since our main reason to go to Sagada was to go see the cave. I was hoping after every turn to be downhill but nope, still climbing up! From Helsema Hwy on Dantay-Sagada to Sumaguing Cave, it was almost 14 kilometers long of deep and winding road.
Part of the roads are rough and narrow but have really spectacular views. It was hot and sunny that day, but the closer we get to Sagada the cooler the weather got.

Driving through Sagada town, one must give and take because the roads are very narrow. Not only you have to worry about the vehicles but also pedestrians.

Amazing rock formation all over town 

The Hanging Coffins

Alan had a great time, he rode with us at the back of the truck

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