Trip to Sagada Sumaguing Cave

Here is our adventure to Sagada, Sumaguing cave. It is one of several tourist spot in Mountain Province, Luzon, in Philippines. Our journey started in Tinglayan, Kalinga. Our friend, Charlie Abay, together with his family drove us to there using his truck. It was more than 2 hours drive to the town of Sagada from Tinglayan.The road is narrow and ever climbing up. It was scary riding in the back of the truck because we can see it clearly how deep and scary the road is, but it was fun. The steeper and higher the road was to Sagada, the steeper and deeper the Sumaguing cave got.

These caves are Kabunyan's gift for Sagadians and all lovers of beauty and nature. Remember these wonders are millions of years old. Man was born only yesterday. We therefore have no right to destroy these legacies. Only our duty to protect and preserve them.
Sumaguing Cave Entrance: No Official Receipts, No Guide, No Entry      

Tourist who wants to go inside the cave have to register and need to have a tour guide. It is very dangerous to go without a knowledgeable guide. 

My husband had to go back out because he has a hard time walking barefoot on sharp and slippery rocks

We had 2 tour guides and both of them carried Kerosene Lamp because inside the cave is pitch dark and the rocks are slippery and steep

My group: we had to take our shoes and slipper off in order for us to have a good grip on the slippery rocks

I was being careful because one wrong move could hurt bad or even kill me.

This rock looks like a big turtle

The water is so clear and the rock formations are awesome

The guide said that this rock formation is the king and queen's curtain and that we can't see them because they're on the other side of the curtain

The King Penis

Pregnant Queen

I can't resist how inviting this little pool was with the clear cool water

The deeper we get the more water flowing on the rocks

This was our turn around point, the deepest we went. It was too dark and scary down there and it was getting late.

Using rope to climb up the watery rock

Going down to the cave and back up took us a little more than 2 hours.  It was an awesome adventure!

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