How my boy got a fractured collar bone?

My 6 years old boy was so happy to finally learned to ride his bike without the training wheels. His dad took him to the Sunrisers Rotary Playground where he rode his bike all the way there from our house.

At the playground, he was riding the hand powered merry go round with about 8 kids and 2 parents making it to go round. Alan my boy was leaning a little bit further out and all of the sudden he was thrown out and landed on his left shoulder and that's how he got a fractured collar bone.

My husband took him to the clinic they did 3 x-rays and they referred him to see an orthopedic.The doctor gave him a back/shoulder brace to help the bone keep in place. However that was so uncomfortable for him to sleep last night. He kept waking up whining it hurts.

When we saw an orthopedic today, he said the bone should heal up on it's own. Given time with his age ( He is at the magic age, 1 week per age year) he should be good a little after 6 weeks.  The doctor also said he doesn't need to wear the brace all the time, so his not going wear it tonight, that should help him sleep better with tylenol for pain.

I'm so grateful that nothing worse happened. Thank God!

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