New Year celebration in our RV at Palm Springs RV Resort

Several years ago we adopted a New Year's tradition which is a lot of fruits on the table, eat at midnight, make a lot of noise, have money/coins in pocket, turn on all the lights, open the doors, etc. But since we are living on an RV, have a limited space, most of what we do normally during the new year celebrations was off the list. 
So this year what we did was stayed up until after midnight. Eat the meals I had prepared which is not as much as I am used to but it was just a right amount. Our leftovers fits in our little fridge.

We watched the new year's countdown with King 5 news on Seattle Space Needle virtual show. It was amazing, they did a great job!

After we ate, we watched a movie that Alan had picked out and by the time we went to bed it was already half past 2 in the morning. 

New Year's Family Picture
The Sims

The Fruits, the drinks, and the lucky foods.
Sweet macaroni salad, Sweet sticky rice, Sinigang soup, noodles, meatballs with potatoes, chocolate macaroons, blueberry muffins, vanilla cupcakes.

Noodles and green beans for longevity. Carrots, onions, garlic and all the root vegetables are for calm and grounded. Pork and shrimp for wealth and prosperity. 

This is Sinigang (sour soup) 
Okra symbolize forgiveness and good vibes. Greens symbolize money. Fish and shrimps for prosperity and wealth. 

Seattle Space Needle Virtual New Year's countdown

Alan with his Cat watching a movie

My first breakfast for the new year 2021 and  the best thing is I didn't have to cook it. 

Happy New Year 2021!