My visit to Pyramid Lake

It was cloudy, breezy, and a bit chilly out but it was a great day drive to Pyramid Lake. Even with clouds and some rain drops, the scenery was spectacular. The color of the water with white caps, the rock formations, the surrounding desert, the neat clouds, and the rainbows was all amazing that day. Please watch my video to see the wonderful lake. 

My first visit to Pyramid Lake was very short and only from Kooyooe Panunadu overlook. The lake being an US Indian Reservation "Paiute Tribe" the road was close due to Covid-19. I was lucky enough to see the lake from afar that time.

On this trip to Pyramid Lake, I was able to go all the way up to the end of the pavement road. On our way there we stoped at the Pyramid Lake Lodge also known as Crosby Lodge in the town of Sutcliffe. The lodge has pretty much everything someone needs for a few days stay at the lake. They have food, bar, fishing gear, camping needs, etc. At the lodge, I enjoyed watching videos of people with the big fish they caught. 

Pyramid Lake has the world class Lohantan Cutthroat Trout and can only be found in this lake. This is the number one reason why fishermen are drawn to this lake. The water outflow of Lake Tahoe via the Truckee river is what feeds Pyramid lake. Once the water gets to the lake it stays there until it evaporates or goes below the surface since the lake has no outlet.

Pyramid shaped tufa formations is how the lake derived its name. The lake is also known to be cursed. The cursed was blamed for the incursion of the settlers and the violence that erupted. The lake seems to take a life or lives every year especially in the spring. Calm water turns into turbulent waves without any rhyme or reason and can quickly subside. Also during nighttime people have reported hearing the sounds of water babies crying. To learn more about the mystery of the lake click here

Rainbow and the Lake
Beautiful Pyramid Lake

The pyramid shape tufa formation can hardly be seen on this photo....but it is there

I love this rock formation, it looks like something is crawling

Rainbow and Lake
Beautiful rainbow show

Snow on the ground
Snow up in the desert mountain

Rainbow, grass and the lake
another view of the rainbow

Tufa Rocks
I love the rock formations

Tufa Rocks
Tufa rocks

Rainbow and Lake
Such a wonderful day at the lake


  1. Wow! I love the photos and the video! So beautiful!


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