How New Year Celebrated while Traveling in Our Motorhome

Celebrating our third year traveling in our motorhome. Traveling away from friends and family during holiday season can sometimes be sad and lonely. But even though we are far away, our New Year celebrations was never a dull. We always find something to do.  It was always fun to be somewhere new. Learning, exploring, and collecting new experiences and memories. 

Here's to our first New Year living in our motorhome. We traveled in Palm Spring, California. 

Joshua trees and beautiful rock formations with blue skies
A day before New Year, we went and explore Joshua Tree National Park.
What an amazing place!

Beautiful sunset, palm trees
Beautiful Sunset at Palm Springs RV Resort. 
Getting ready for New Year's Eve and New Years Day!

Our small table full of Foods for New Year Celebration
Our small table full of food for the new year celebrations and traditions.

Watching Space Needle New Year Celebration
Another tradition of ours is to watch Space Needle New Year Fireworks

yummy Soup, shrimp, okra, salmon, beans. etc.
Always have this soup for New Year's Traditions and Celebrations.

Bacon, Eggs, Rice, green onions, tomatoes
Our 2021 New Years Breakfast

Here's to our second year celebrating New Year while traveling in our home sweet motorhome. We were in TLC Wolf River Resort,  Pass Christian, Mississippi.

Foggy day traveling
Foggy day traveling at Beach Blvd in Long Beach, Mississippi
The day before New Year

New Year's Fireworks
We watched a band played at the resort and watched the fireworks at the same time, just before the New Year. It was incredible!

Yummy soup, pork, okra, beans, etc.
Always have this kind of soup for New Year's Traditions

Small table full of food for new year celebrations
Our small table full of goodies for New Year Celebrations and Traditions

New Year's in Space Needle
Watching Space Needle New Year Celebration on our TV.

Food for New Year's Breakfast
Our 2022 New Year's breakfast

Our Third New Year Celebration in our home sweet motorhome. We were in La Conner, Washington. So beautiful and so serene. What a relaxing New Year!

Wooded area, sunset picking through, so peaceful
Got an awesome RV site in La Conner Thousand Trails RV Campground

View of the cabin, the lone tree, and the sunset
Enjoying the view, the sunset, and the warm weather the night before New Year
in La Conner Thousand Trails RV Campground, Washington

Watching New Year in Space Needle on our TV
Of course we wouldn't miss watching the New Year in Space Needle on TV. 
We were planning to go to Seattle to watch it in person but I wasn't feeling good so we decided to stay in our home sweet motorhome.

Small Table with food and drinks and Flowers
Food on our table for New Year's celebrations and traditions

Yummy soup, okra, salmon, beans, bokchoy
Our traditional food for New Year

Bacon, eggs, bread, broccoli
Our first 2023 Breakfast

We tried to always do our New Year's traditions, but  living in a motorhome, we couldn't do them all.  Our space is limited. We don't have enough space in our fridge to cook all the traditional foods that we normally do. But we do what we can to celebrate and enjoy! 

I guess it doesn't really matter where you're at, whether you have a traditions or not, as long as you love and enjoy what you do, that is all that matters. Happy New Year!

Big Christmas Tree in La Conner
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