Mile 47 Chena Hot Spring Road

I was looking through my old pictures and found this. I'm sad because we didn't get to go camping this year. I know that there's still time before winter but I don't have any body to go camping with me...I am very very SAD. I do enjoy camping. Too bad though that I didn't really get to learn to play guitar. I love setting by the bonfire and listening to the guitar and singing, oh! that's my ideal camping trip. This is me and Abby, we just woke up, enjoying the river flow and waiting for the coffee to be made . Joel was making coffee. He is very good at it and he does make a goooooooooood coffee. He cleaned up after he cooked breakfast..That's my man!

Have a good weekend everyone




Dipnetting in Kenai Alaska

Kenai is famous for dip netting. A lot of people go there every year to catch their sockeye salmon. If the commercial fishermen are not out, dipnetters can catch their limits in a day or two. Limits per household 25 fish for the first person and 10 on each additional members. That's a lot of fish consedering this fish are huge. Need a lot of patience and tolerance to fish, especially in this's cold, just like Alaska, ohh yeah, this is Alaska... :-) Way to go! kill the fish with axe. so this is how it works, if you ever go dipnetting there. First, bring a big big net with a long long handle. Put on your jacket and long johns under your waders to keep you warm. Grab your net and go in the water, stand there, wait, ponder, wonder, maybe sing a song or two, three, more, think of your past presence and future, make a deal like "I would do this and that if a fish gets in my net in about a minute or two". Anyway, no matter how long is your handle

More in Homer

People cleaning Halibut fish Seagulls waiting for fish scraps

Homer, Alaska

July 2009, our trip to Homer was great. We visited my sister-in-law and her son. We use our boat to go to chena poot bay looking for some clams but we didn't find any. We were told later that we went to a wrong bay. Oh well, better luck next time, I guess. We had a good trip though, even though we didn't get any clams. We did get some Halibut heads for our friends up here in Fairbanks, that made them happy.. View of the Katchemak Bay in Homer Homer spit We saw several bald eagles Chena Poot Bay I couldn't figure out why the plugs arranged backwards until I was told that it's a mirror image. When a driver is backing up and looking at the car mirror, the word arrange right. Port of Homer, Alaska Joel's launching our boat at the Homer boat ramp

Homer Tapestry

This is my sister-in-laws business, Alaskan made earth friendly bags.

Denim baby back pack

At the Tanana State Fair



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