Dipnetting in Kenai Alaska

Kenai is famous for dip netting. A lot of people go there every year to catch their sockeye salmon. If the commercial fishermen are not out, dipnetters can catch their limits in a day or two. Limits per household 25 fish for the first person and 10 on each additional members. That's a lot of fish consedering this fish are huge. Need a lot of patience and tolerance to fish, especially in this water....it's cold, just like Alaska, ohh yeah, this is Alaska... :-) Way to go! kill the fish with axe. so this is how it works, if you ever go dipnetting there. First, bring a big big net with a long long handle. Put on your jacket and long johns under your waders to keep you warm. Grab your net and go in the water, stand there, wait, ponder, wonder, maybe sing a song or two, three, more, think of your past presence and future, make a deal like "I would do this and that if a fish gets in my net in about a minute or two". Anyway, no matter how long is your handle or how rough the water is, you will feel the fish once its inside your net, they're big fish. Flip your net down to make sure the fish can't get out and drag it to the shore. Once your in the shore away from the water, take the fish out and bang it in the head with banker or axe whatever you prefer. Dip netter's camp. $10 a day to fitch a tent and stay there.

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