Boy Throws Tantrum over swimming and Dog Howling with him

Happy leap year day! There's a little note on Facebook about do something special on Feb. 29. So, I thought I should take my little boy to the pool since he hasn't been there since he was 2 years old and I know he would love to go swimming. We went to Mary Siah Recreation Center for their 4-4:45pm open swim. Thought that should be enough time for him. He was shivering the whole time we were on the pool but still didn't want to get out of water. I have managed to get him out but on our way out he started to say "go swimming". Go swimming, swimming, swimming! I told him we go swim again tomorrow but he doesn't listen. When we got home, he didn't want his jacket nor his boots taken off. He throws tantrum and our dog Sandy howls with him too. I think he spent more time crying and kept saying Go Swimming than his swimming time. Watch his video below to see his reaction and listen to him and the dog.

Who's birthday is it?

My boy think every time there's a birthday cake, it's his birthday. It's funny seeing his reaction when I said it's not his birthday its daddy's birthday. He screamed NO it's baby! and he started to cry. So this is what we did to daddy's cake. Watch what he did on grandma's birthday!

Chico River White Water Rafting in Tinglayan, Kalinga Province

Here is our 2 hour rafting trip down the beautiful clear green colored river in Tinglayan, Kalinga Province, the Chico River. Such an awesome scenery and challenging water current. At one point, the current had us pin to the big rock in the middle of the river. My sister, my husband, and I were the ones who got off the raft to help get it free. However, after we got it free we were the ones who got stock. With the help of our fellow rafters, we manage to swam our way to the shore. Too bad I wasn't able to take pictures during our rafting, I don't have a waterproof camera or a case. It was really a wonderful experience. Thanks to Ex Mayor Fernando Abay and to his family for an awesome opportunity and for taking care of us. We had so much fun and given a chance, I would do it again. The Rafters: From front, of course Me, behind camera. My nephew Jeb, husband Joel, brother in law Jo, sister Santa and our two guides; sorry I forgot their names.   We stop for sna

Trip to Sagada Sumaguing Cave

Here is our adventure to Sagada, Sumaguing cave. It is one of several tourist spot in Mountain Province, Luzon, in Philippines. Our journey started in Tinglayan, Kalinga. Our friend, Charlie Abay, together with his family drove us to there using his truck. It was more than 2 hours drive to the town of Sagada from Tinglayan.The road is narrow and ever climbing up. It was scary riding in the back of the truck because we can see it clearly how deep and scary the road is, but it was fun. The steeper and higher the road was to Sagada, the steeper and deeper the Sumaguing cave got. WELCOME These caves are Kabunyan's gift for Sagadians and all lovers of beauty and nature. Remember these wonders are millions of years old. Man was born only yesterday. We therefore have no right to destroy these legacies. Only our duty to protect and preserve them. Sumaguing Cave Entrance: No Official Receipts, No Guide, No Entry             Tourist who wants to go inside the cave have to

Road to Sagada Mountain Province, Philippines

First thought came to mind just a little after we start climbing up towards Sagada was "where was the cave be?" I was really curios as to where the cave since our main reason to go to Sagada was to go see the cave. I was hoping after every turn to be downhill but nope, still climbing up! From Helsema Hwy on Dantay-Sagada to Sumaguing Cave, it was almost 14 kilometers long of deep and winding road. Part of the roads are rough and narrow but have really spectacular views. It was hot and sunny that day, but the closer we get to Sagada the cooler the weather got.     Driving through Sagada town, one must give and take because the roads are very narrow. Not only you have to worry about the vehicles but also pedestrians. Amazing rock formation all over town   The Hanging Coffins   Alan had a great time, he rode with us at the back of the truck

Trip to Tinglayan, Kalinga Province

Trip to Tinglayan, Kalinga Province is long, steep, deep and winding road but the views are amazing! It is only 197 kilometers from Baguio but it was the longest 197 kilometers we've ever driven. Our average speed was 25 kilometers per hour. It took us more than 9 hours with few stops but we couldn't drive faster on those roads. It was hair-raising driving through there especially at night. Some of the roads are damaged due to landslides and  the roads are down to one lane. It was an awesome adventure, a great journey, and a priceless experience. Thanks to our friend Haidee Abay for inviting us to her home and to her family. Also thanks to her dad, Ferdinand Abay, formerly mayor of  Tinglayan, her mom a business woman, her brother Charlie who is running for Vice Mayor and Charlie's family, thanks for a warm welcome, for giving their time, for great hospitality and for taking care of us. It sure made our experience awesome and we are very thankful. We stayed there for 3



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