Jul 1, 2015

Red Moon Over Lummi Nation

My husband just sent me this picture of the red moon over Lummi Nation in Washington. Picture taken from the back yard. Tonight is a red moon and on the 31st of this month will be the blue moon. I used to be scared during full moon because of the scary stories that were told when I was young. But now, I'm a moon lover, I'm fascinated by it.
My husband and I used to drive during winter from Fairbanks to Valdez or vice versa, and driving hundreds of miles with just mountains, snow, and tress, I remember one of those trips I was looking at the moon feeling sad because we were alone in the wilderness  but then I realized we are not alone because someone somewhere are watching the same moon as I was. No matter where we are,  maybe in a crowded city or in the last frontier, we are looking at the same moon, and that to me is awesome! It gave me a sense of connectivity.

Red Moon over Lummi Nation!

Red Moon!

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