ESSA Christmas Party

Saturday the 6Th of December, I wasn't feeling well. Norma and I went to Valinda's house for cooking show party. I'm glad I went to that party because I learned something new (how to diced onions) nah! I learned more than that. The party went well, we had chicken fajitas. At 7pm my friend (Marissa) and I went to ESSA Christmas Party. The place was so small and so crowded but we did managed to have fun. I think it was about 11 pm when we left the party and went to my friend's house (Loida). They were still up and the kids were so happy to see us. We visited for almost an hour. I got home a little before 1am. From left: I forgot her name. I just met her. Then theres me, miss Ruffa and miss Marissa.

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