My retard dog managed to get out of the gate last night. He is in the Dog Found right now. To claim him back it'll cost me $60.00 now I'm facing a difficult decision, should I claim him back or should I not. He is a lot of maintenance, not house broken,  when his outside he shit  right in front of the house, he tore my couch, my vacuum, and other stuff, and he is retarded. On the other hand, my other dog, abby, doesn't whine as much as she used too, she stayed outside longer , she plays with him now and then, she didn't cry when we were gone for few days, they keep each others company. Keno was just fun to played with because his retarded, he can't even stand straight on the floor. However, Joel once told me that I'm not being fair to Abby because of keno I'm changing her way of life. I don't cuddle up with her anymore and I had her stay in the garage with keno and not in the living room with me. 
I adapted Keno last August, he was just 7 months old. I like him but feel sorry for him. I asked Joel if I should get him back, he said it's up to me. I have to think fast and dumb if I want him back before the people at the Dog Found put him up for adaption. I need some input...... you guys please help me think...... I know for sure that my tenants doesn't like him.
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