Seven things I wanna do before the spring comes. I know it's too cold to do anything outside right now but I'm longing for some excitement. 1. Northern Lights Pictures - I wanted to do this for sometime, but haven't got to do it. 2. Ice Fishing - soon I hope 3. Down Hill Ski - I need to relearn how to do it coz last time I did it, I ended up breaking my right knee. So this one is maybe but it's on my list. 4. Snow Boarding - I wanted to do this very much... soon I hope 5. Sledding with kids - as soon as the weather get a little warmer, I'm going.. 6. Snow Machining - I had a blast last time and I want to do it again but I need luck with this because we don't have one. 7. ?? don't know yet!


  1. Good luck with achieving your goals. Snow boarding must be so exciting!

  2. Thanks, I need all the luck I can get. hopefully by this weekend I'll get 2 out of 7.

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