Eagle Summit, Alaska

Eagle Summit is at 108 mile Steese highway and it's about 2hr drive from Fairbanks.

At the peak of the Eagle Summit

Long and winding dirt road. It's a good road, we had a smooth ride through it.

View from Summit Eagle

My family

Abby and Farcom rode at the back of the truck

Just being me. On our way back home

Sharing the fire and food to the strangers. The weather was good but it's pretty windy up there.

At the top of Eagle Summit. These are the people who were trying to capture the sun at its lowest setting.

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful photographs, beautiful views and even the dogs were cute, Loved the post.


  2. Gorgeous for how long don't you have dark nights?

  3. Beautiful pics! Love seeing Alaska through your eyes.

  4. Nice landscape and great pictures...

  5. wow, all these photos are really really amazing!!!! lol, i love the pix of your dogs looking over the side of the car.


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