Lunch Time with Friends

Ok, I have been so lucky and so grateful to have this opportunity. My friends and I have been spending our lunch time here at the park whenever we can. Good company, good conversations, lot's of laughter's, oh so good for the souls and the walk to here is good also. I am so blessed to have them in my life.

5/26/10 Me and Marty

6/2/10 with Norma and Marty

6/4/10 with Norma and Terry

6/10/10 with Terry Norma and Marty

6/10/10 Me, Norma, Terry and Marty


  1. You are excellent at taking photos
    again some very lovely ones , it looks such a winderful park.

    Take care.

  2. Gorgeous photography...when I see a post by you...I realize how much I miss your regular posts.

  3. Thank you Yvonne and Lynette.. I know I have been slacking but I'll try my best to keep posting. God bless.


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