Big Change

So much had happened in the last month, sorry I didn't had the time post anything. I am now in Bellingham, Washington. We drove down from Alaska thru Canada and we arrived here last week. We didn't get our house sold in Fairbanks but we had it rented out..Moving is not easy, lots and lots of work. We haven't unpack yet because the house were in right now is full of stuff too. I will be posting pictures later when I get the time. I miss reading the posts of all of my blog friends, soon I will have time.


  1. WOW--BIG CHANGE indeed! We drove through Bellingham last summer while in WA hiking. Ate at the MOST WONDERFUL restaurant on the bay--SORRY I CAN'T REMEMBER THE NAME---BUT THE FRESH SALMON!!!!!

  2. Pleased you're having such a good time.



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