Whittier, Alaska

This was our trip from Valdez to Whittier. We left Valdez about 5am and arrived in Whittier at 10:45am. It was rainy and foggy going out of Valdez harbor.

Leaving Valdez harbor

Don Burnett (Forest Service Guide) talks about glaciers, fishing in the Prince William Sound, sea otters, and other wildlife in the area.

Iceberg. What you see is only 10% of the ice and the 90% is under water.

Icebergs from the Columbia glacier

Fact about Prince William Sound
It was just a gloomy day. Welcome to the Whittier

This building was condemned because of asbestos contamination. It's unclear who owns the building and I think no one wants to claim it.

During Winter, the Whittier residents live in two buildings and walk through underground tunnels to get access to the other building. One of the building has the school, clinic, and everything else.
This is one of the building

And the other one. The population in that town is less than 300.

There's a light at the end of the tunnel and they are it! Going to Whittier by road, you have to go through 2.5 mile tunnel. The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel. Going through this tunnel is timed because it's one lane and it's shared with the rail.

Waiting for our turn to go through the tunnel

coming out of 2.5mile tunnel. It was cool!

Portage Glacier

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Trip to Whittier

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