Eldorado Goldmine - Fairbanks

These pictures were taken from our trip to Eldorado Goldmine. The tour took us a little over 2 hrs. It was interesting and informative plus I got to keep the gold nugget I panned.

From Left to right - My cousin Jasmine, Friend Marissa and Mother Wilma
Our Tour started with the ride on the replica of the Tanana Valley Railroad. This ride took us to the permafrost tunnel where we saw kinds of mineral and rocks formation that tend to produce the most gold.
 Earl Hughes - Conductor and Commentator. He's cool and entertaining guy, he made our trip more fun!
 The old ways
 The tourist
 Here he was showing us how to gold pan
 A minute later, he got some gold nuggets
  Each of us was given a pouch of sand and here we are, trying hard to gold pan. The nugget that we got (Joel and I) was equivalent to $45.00
  The Gold Mine Crew
19 ounce nugget.

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