Moving Trip to Bellingham

Here are some of the pictures I took during our trip down to Bellingham, Washington. It was a good trip overall, it took us 5 days to do over 2000 miles.  It would have been sooner but we have heavy load, about 15 thousand pounds so we took our time driving down. We left Fairbanks July 16 about 3 pm. My Aunt came along for the trip down then she flew back to Fairbanks
We use Alaskan Highway South until we hit the junction for Stewart-Cassiar Hwy and took that road down.
One of the stop we took for our dogs to play in the water. This place was in Kluane Lake in Yukon Territory
This is the beginning of Yukon River

My Mother and my Aunt
The Cassiar Highway

We had one indecent. One of the trailer tire blow-out, I think because of the heat of the road plus the heavy load. We are so lucky that when it happen we are close to town (Kitwanga, British Columbia) We spent few hours waiting for help.
After our tire got changed, we spent the night at 'Ksan Campground, Hazelton
One way bridge to New Hazelton
The world largest Fly Fishing Rod and reel, approximately 60ft long. Houston, British Columbia
The world Largest gold pan in Quesnel, British Columbia

More pictures later..taken from Hell's Gate

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