Birthday Party at ZipZap Laser tag and Go Karts in North Pole, Alaska

Alan had a good time yesterday at Maggie's birthday party. Maggie is the owner's daughter of Zipzap laser tag and Go karts in North pole, Alaska. All the rides and games were free. Good food, great company. Alan got to ride the go-kart for the very first time, Lucy took him. He also got to see what's going on inside the zip zap laser tag room. He had a wonderful time. However, towards the end of the party, he started acting up, he doesn't listen and he started hitting me when I said no, that's when I said if you don't listen we go home, he started crying and still hitting me. So I picked him up, took him to the truck, placed him on his car seat and drove away. He cried so much and so loud that I so felt bad but I had to do what I need to do. I'm letting him know that I meant it when I said no, if you don't listen we go home, and you don't hit mommy or anybody. I know I have to set a rule now while he still young otherwise he'll grow up with that attitude, and I don't like it. I love him so much, he is a sweet boy.