What I did with my bunion that causes me an excruciating pain

What is Bunion?

Bunions are a common foot deformity that can cause pain and discomfort. They are most often found on the big toe, but can also occur on other toes. Bunions form when the normal balance of forces that hold the bones in place is disrupted, causing the joint to become misaligned. This misalignment causes changes in the shape of your foot, resulting in a bunion.

left foot bunion looks like before the surgery
Bunion on my left foot. It doesn't look that bad but it hurts so bad. 
Before the surgery.

My Bunion story

My left foot (where my bunion was) and goes all the way to my foot arch had been bothering me for a while. But I didn't get to feel how bad it was until I went on a fire assignment job that every single day I was on the Fireline,  my foot was in excruciating pain. 

After few weeks of being back home from that job, I started exercising again and started walking on the treadmill. My left foot hurts. Wearing my regular workout shoes, my foot hurt really bad. I tried several shoes, but it didn't help.  I also went fishing and wearing my rain boots hurt my foot so bad. So, that's when I decided to see a podiatrist. 

Lobby at the Surgery Center of Fairbanks
This is where I got my bunion surgery done

left foot wrapped with bondage from surgery
My foot a day after the surgery

My Podiatrist Visit

I went to see a podiatrist and the he said  that the nerves is being stretched because of the bunion and that causes the pain I'm going through. He did a great job explaining and giving me options I could take.  He did not push me on getting a surgery done, which I appreciate that so much. He said the decision is  up to me, whether I'll have it corrected now or wait until I'm ready and corrected it later.

However, waiting means I will be in pain every time I'll go for a  walk, run, workout, etc. So I decided to go ahead and made an appointment to have the surgery done. It was pretty quick surgery. 

Look of the screw on my left foot
The screw on my left foot

Look of the screw on my left foot
Here's the screw on my left foot 

Sept 24, 2018 was the day of my bunion surgery.  I got dropped off in the morning at the Surgery Center of Fairbanks and I was home before afternoon. The surgery went fast and so was the healing.  After six weeks, I was able to wear my boots again. However, I had to take it easy and did the post-surgery care and rehabilitation.

My left foot look like after two weeks of surgery
My foot look like 2 weeks after the surgery

The scar on the bottom of my bunion after surgery
Dark bruise 2 weeks after the surgery

My bunion surgery was healing up pretty well after a month
It was healing up pretty well. Here's what it look like a month after my bunion surgery

How was my foot now?

It has been 4 years and half now since my bunion surgery. It went well. I didn't feel any more excruciating pain especially on my foot arch since my surgery. However, I still can't just wear any shoes. It bothers the ball of my foot if I'm wearing a not right kind of shoes. But I did find a brand of shoes that so comfortable for my feet.

My foot on top my desk at work
I have to keep my foot elevated and here's what it looks like when I'm at work 

What I look with my foot after bunion surgery
Here's what I look a month after my surgery

The scar on my foot 

I would have taken a really good care of my foot if I knew I would have this scar forever. Being an Asian, my scar doesn't go unnoticed even after few years. It shows up really well. But I will still choice being comfortable walking than having no scar and hurting.

big scar on my foot from bunion surgery

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